What is an all-weather riding arena?


In an outdoor arena, a base made with a vertical drainage system allows you to keep riding in your horse arena even during and after very heavy rains. The base is placed on top of a layer of drain rock/gravel, then finished with the arena sand and sand additive. Learn more about our all-weather base products, [...]

What is an all-weather riding arena?2021-04-14T23:48:03+00:00

What type of arena base should I install?


There are two types of arena base systems: For outdoor arenas, we build arena bases with surface drainage or with vertical drainage system. Learn more in our article, Riding Arena Base Options Explained. For indoor arenas: A base of 5-6 inches with compacted stone dust at Zero grade.

What type of arena base should I install?2021-05-20T20:10:21+00:00

What should be the depth of the arena sand?


The depth of sand in a riding arena is dependent on the sand quality and the riding discipline. Typically, 3-4 inches of fine sand is used for dressage and jumping arenas with a geotextile sand additive. A consult with an experienced riding arena builder will help you select the correct sand and its depth. [...]

What should be the depth of the arena sand?2021-05-20T20:35:45+00:00