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Arena Groomer ATV Roll – 5′ or 6 foot wide Platz Max models


Most Popular arena leveler for ATVs/UTVs/small tractors

German Engineering in a small package

The Platz Max Roll features a hitch bar and 3 point for easy handling. Makes perfect grooming of your arena simple and fun. For gators, mules, ATVs and smaller tractors.



Platz-Max Roll Specifications

Hydraulic hand pump

The built-in hydraulic hand pump of the ATV Roll Arena Groomer by Platz Max raises up the tires and controls the depth to level the horse arena surface to replace the three-point hitch of the tractor.

It enables the arena harrow to be lifted off the ground for easy transport all around the property, allows the operator to gauge or control the max depth of penetration into the arena surface. The wheels should be raised to allow the full weight of the arena groomer to be placed on the ground and the swinging leveling blade to be in contact with the arena footing for perfect leveling.

Lattice roller

With the ATV Roll Arena Groomer, the lattice roller with contra rotating disks keep blending the geotextile sand additives with the arena footing, while adding light compaction. Tines can be pulled up completely to add extra compaction.

We offer a heavy rubber roller with Model ‘Roll FF’ if extra compaction or sealing of the arena surface is desired.

Adjustable Coil Tines

Two rows of high quality powder coated steel tines for perfecting arena sand and geotextile horse arena footing. The coil tines are arranged in two staggered rows. They fill in hoof imprints and blend sand additives, e.g. rubber footing, geotextile footings and all sand footings.

Arena drag ROLL model on display
Arena drag close up

Swinging Leveling Blade

This important feature is located behind the tines, which evens out any uneven ground surface. It is important to raise the tires while leveling your arena footing, otherwise the tires will just follow the uneven arena surface and the leveling blade will not be able to catch high spots.

The leveling blade is adjustable in height and angle to either perform as extreme leveling or in a neutral position.

Ground Contact Linkage Arm

The linkage arm on the top of the arena harrow is designed to enable adjustment over the angle in which the ground engaging components come in contact with the ground. This adjustment allows the operator to further adjust the depth of the tines, the angle of the groomer to put more desired weight onto the lattice/rubber roller for a variety of applications and arena footings for extra compaction.

Track cleaner

Easily brings in any build up from the track. Retire your rakes and shovel for good!

Weight and sizes

. 700 lbs for Model ‘Roll’ 6 ft lattice roller (72 inches)
. 800 lbs for Model ‘Roll’ 5 ft rubber roller (60 inches)

Arena maintenance keeps your riding surface in optimal condition and extends its longevity. Getting an appropriate arena groomer with a leveling blade for all types of footing is imperative. Learn more about our arena groomers here.

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