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We are excited to announce that Footing Solutions USA is now representing Netherlands-based Corton Horse Stalls in North America. Visit Corton Horse Stalls USA for more information.

Eye For Quality & Design

Corton offers state-of-the-art, custom stalls which are made to the highest quality standards with unique safety features, beauty and minimal maintenance finishes.

Quality and Style

We offer a variety of products to accommodate your equine facility. Corton manufactures stalls, doors and windows with safety glass, entrance and arena doors, and tack room doors. Their products are designed with the most extreme care, entirely made to measure to the exact dimensions required.

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The Beauty is in the Details

Corton stable equipment for horses has been a tradition across the glove for over 40 years. Corton opts for quality and devotes a great deal of attention to the choice of materials and finishes of its products, especially when it comes to durability and safety. Corton has developed various techniques to accommodate horses in a safer, more enjoyable and more economical way and provides systems that facilitate the care and training of horses.

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Product Lines

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Horse stalls

Corton horse stalls are safe, strong, practical and durable, consisting of a system of loose walls that can always be disassembled and built up again. This is ideal in case of relocation, extension or rearrangement of your stable. The custom horse stalls are available in two types: Standard and Professional, which differ mainly in the height of the walls, the strength of the frame, the thickness and the distance between the bars and the locks, rails and hinges used. All Corton horse stalls are supplied in a hot-dip galvanised finish and are optionally available with a colour coating. Corton uses high quality strong synthetic boards, with hardwood and bamboo as alternatives.

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Design Stables

Corton design stables are partly based on traditional stable models, the way they were manufactured long ago from cast iron elements with ornamental posts, beautiful door fittings and decorative ornaments. Corton has also developed new design models, following a more contemporary pattern. Corton design stalls are a treat for the eye and largely determine the appearance of your stable. They are manufactured from high-quality materials with an excellent finish and are a sustainable and valuable asset. The components of the various models can almost entirely be exchanged to your preference. Corton design stalls are manufactured per order and are available in a RAL colour of your choice.

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Shutters and Doors

For installation in new and existing exterior walls, Corton supplies carefully crafted shutters and doors. A shutter or door that is mounted in the outer wall is vital to the appearance of the stable building and should function well for many years. The nature of the horse calls for a solid and horse friendly version. If required, Corton can customize such revolving doors, sliding doors and shutters.

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