• Provide excellent vertical drainage

  • Provide extra stability

  • Prevent erosion

  • Require less sub-base material

  • Reduce costs

Create a Solid Foundation for Horse Arenas and Paddocks

Choosing the correct arena base materials is one of the most important aspects for building a functional indoor or outdoor arena. Our experienced professionals will ensure your horse arena is built to the highest standards so you can focus on your horses.

Arena Base Products - HIT DrainGrids

HIT DrainGrid Pavers

HIT DrainGrids make outdoor arenas rideable in even the most extreme wet conditions. They are beneficial in heavy horse traffic areas like paddocks as well. The patented design of HIT DrainGrids allows water to be drained vertically and horizontally away from the surface.

Arena Base Products - Arena Mats

EURO Arena Mats

Paired with our FSGeoTEX footing, EURO Arena Mats have been tested at the highest levels of equestrian sport. This arena base provides the stability and spring your horse needs to maintain peak performance. The vertical drainage of these mats keeps you riding rain or shine!

Arena Base Products Paddock Mat

EURO Paddock Mats

Perfect for paddocks, covered round pens, covered horse walkers, and more, EURO Paddock Mats prevent common hoof problems caused by mud. Providing all-weather footing, they are the only mats on the market that work with surface water drainage and do not require any sub-base.

Arena Event Mats Interlock

EURO Event Mats

Our interlocking EURO Event Mats provide the flexibility to transform any venue or performance space quickly and effectively into a world-class horse show stadium. They are designed for safe install over multiple surfaces and easy breakdown.

Arena Base Products HIT Active-Aqua Underground Watering System

HIT UnderGround Watering System

Designed for both indoor and outdoor arenas, the HIT UnderGround Watering System provides irrigation from the ground up. This creates consistency and equal stability throughout the arena footing, ride after ride.

Types of Arena Base

Arena Base Vertical Drainage

Vertical Drainage System

No matter the weather conditions, vertical drainage will keep your arena ride-ready. The composition of this arena base involves a layer of DrainRock/gravel with the mats placed between the layers. This type of drainage guarantees a lifelong horse arena and will save you money in the long-term.

Arena Footing Surface Drainage

Surface Drainage with Common Arena Base

Perfect for facilities that don’t rely on outdoor arenas, surface drainage consists of compacted natural soil topped with the arena base aggregate, which is typically 6 inches of a compacted crushed rock or limestone topped with decomposed granite or stone dust compacted to 98% density.

Arena Maintenance

Arena Drags and Groomers

Arena Drag Silhouette

All of our arena drags are designed to aid with time-consuming grooming and maintenance and enhance the safety of your facilities through the proper leveling of your arena surfaces. We provide a variety of models to suit your needs.