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The Number One Arena Drag used at Olympics and World Cups for High Performance and Synthetic Horse Arena Footings

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Learn how to Protect your arena footing investments! Arena groomers play an imperative role in preserving quality footing and the well-being of your horses that you have already invested so much in. At Footing Solutions USA, our horse arena equipment is designed to aid with time-consuming grooming and maintenance and enhance the safety of your arena surfaces. And, we provide a variety of models to suit your needs, from the smallest ATV model to large tractor models which feature a lot of details to make the difference in perfection.  Explore our arena groomers below.  And… the only arena drag you will see at every Olympic Games!

Frequently Asked Questions about Arena Drags

An arena drag or groomer is a piece of maintenance equipment to loosen and level footing material in horse arenas. An appropriate arena groomer will come with coil and/or S tines, a leveling blade on a swing to smoothen out high and low spots, and a lattice roller in the back for a light compacted and to keep mixing any sand additives blended with your arena sand.

Aside from the arena drag itself, a Platz-Max arena drag can be perfectly paired with nearly any tow vehicle, arena footing type, and equine discipline.

We at Footing Solutions USA will assist you with all questions and the best choice of arena harrow model for your equestrian discipline. We ship straight from our warehouse to your horse property. No assembly will be needed.

The Platz Max arena drag is the only arena drag on the market with a three-point hitch swivel attachment.  The footing stays absolutely level even in tight turns, preventing shifting and build up of the footing in the corners and turns.

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Tokyo Olympic Games, 2021: Always present at all Olympic Games, the Platz-Max arena drags maintaining the arena footing at its best for the competitors!

arena drag close up at olympics platz max tractor model at tokyo olympics arena drags in use at tokyo olympics
Tokyo Olympic Games, 2021

arena drag client testimonial

The electric gator is really nice to drive and a perfect compliment to Platz Max arena drag, an ideal combination for grooming the footing. The sand and fiber are holding moisture well with 15 minutes of overhead watering nightly. We have followed Andre’s recommendations for settings doing a light smoothing. The arena looks wonderful, is light and supportive at the same time and weight doesn’t really sink in. – Nancy Carroll, CA

Nancy Carroll, CA, Your Content Goes Here

recently dragged indoor arenaThe Platz-Max Arena Drag is exactly what we needed for our Equestrian Center. The 7.25 ft. wide model fits our larger tractor perfectly, which makes it quick and easy to drag our 84’ x 280’  indoor arena in only 15 minutes. In just the first two uses, we could see an improvement in the footing – it is more level than it has been in years! This drag is exactly what we wanted to replace our old one and we are very happy with the results so far! – Ally Villareale, Delaware Valley University Equestrian Center Barn Manager

PlatzMax NL-GW

- Ally Villareale, Delaware Valley University Equestrian Center Barn Manager, Your Content Goes Here

Accessories for Horse Arena Drags

Arena Grooming and Leveling with Geotextile Footing

You spent a lot of time building a high quality arena, but are you forgetting one of the most important aspects? Arena maintenance keeps your riding surface in optimal condition and extends its longevity. Getting an appropriate arena groomer with a leveling blade for all types of footing is imperative. And, if you have recently installed geotextile footing like FSGeoTEX, establishing a maintenance program is essential for your new riding surface. During the first week after installation of geotextiles, we recommend maintaining your footing blend by watering and rolling the arena surface daily. Afterward, for daily maintenance, simply water and harrow the riding surface with appropriate arena maintenance equipment. Your arena drag should have coil tines, with the tines set no deeper than 1 inch. The coil tines will keep blending the geotextiles with the sand while covering the hoof imprints.

Do you have additional questions about maintaining your riding arena? Find the answers to commonly asked questions here, or drop us a line!