Arena Drags

Get the #1 ARENA LEVELER at Olympics and World Cups

The Number One Arena Drag used at Olympics and World Cups for High Performance and Synthetic Horse Arena Footings

platz max arena leveler

Protect your investments. Arena drags play an imperative role in preserving quality footing and the well-being of your horses that you have already invested so much in. At Footing Solutions USA, our horse arena equipment apparatus are designed to aid with time-consuming grooming and maintenance and enhance the safety of your facilities. And, we provide a variety of models to suit your needs. Explore our products below.

Accessories for Horse Arena Drags

Arena Grooming and Leveling with Geotextile Footing

You spent a lot of time building a high quality arena, but are you forgetting one of the most important aspects? Arena maintenance keeps your riding surface in optimal condition and extends its longevity. Getting an appropriate arena groomer with a leveling blade for all types of footing is imperative. And, if you have recently installed geotextile footing like FSGeoTEX, establishing a maintenance program is essential for your new riding surface. During the first week after installation of geotextiles, we recommend maintaining your footing blend by watering and rolling the arena surface daily. Afterward, for daily maintenance, simply water and harrow the riding surface with appropriate arena maintenance equipment. Your arena drag should have coil tines, with the tines set no deeper than 1 inch. The coil tines will keep blending the geotextiles with the sand while covering the hoof imprints.

Do you have additional questions about maintaining your riding arena? Find the answers to commonly asked questions here, or drop us a line!