base mat with sand

Install your Olympic Footing at home.

The perfect horse arena footing always starts at the base.
EURO Arena Mats are used for equestrian arenas and horse paddocks, round pens and horse walkers. They provide a 100% fast draining base and a 40% concussion reduction from the base up.
Technical specifications:
. 48″ x 32″ (1 square meter or 10.5sqft)
. Weight 50 lbs/mat
. Price: $34 per arena mat
. 50 mats on a pallet

Material:  Recycled Plastic

Lay EURO Arena Mats out in rows with approximately 1/2 ” space between the mats over a sub-base of gravel.
With a ridge structure on the bottom, the arena mats stay fixed in place and anchor securely. Excess water drains through the small holes.
The arena mats have water reservoir cups on the top side which  deliver water to the arena footing from below over time, while the underside ensures highly-efficient drainage of rainwater.
The knob system on the upper side of the mat increases the stability of the horse arena footing mixture.
Adding a layer of high-quality sand mixed with FSGeoTEX will guarantee you the spring of an Olympic arena at home. It has been tested at the highest levels of equestrian sport and proven itself for several years.

The combination of the EURO Arena Mats with our FSGeoTEX/sand blend creates the stability and spring your horse needs to perform at the highest level. In the end, there is nothing more important in the equestrian world than the arena footing on which the horses train and compete.

For horse arenas, round pen, hot walkers, horse paddocks and paradise trails.

The surface structure of the EURO Arena Mats is also especially suited for barefoot horses if only a small amount of sand is used (like for horse paddocks, horse walkers and paradise trails).

Down to the Last Details

bottom side base mats

The rigid underside anchors the mat securely with the base rock sub-base, which prevents them from lifting and moving.

base mat up close

The top side of the arena base mats have holes for drainage and water holding cups for efficient watering.

“Congratulation again on your footing in Temecula – Our horses love it. Thank you!”

Eddie Sepul

“The footing was the best I’ve ever shown on!”

“One of the best footings I have experienced in my career, very nice jumps which allows to design modern and technical tracks, great atmosphere, fantastic food.”

Susan Artes