• HIT DrainGrids are perfect for all-weather footing
  • HIT draingrid pavers make the perfect arena base
  • arena with HIT draingrids installed


HIT DrainGrids create an all-weather arena base that eliminates water through cross-drainage, meaning water is being drained vertically and horizontally away from the surface. With an interlocking system of grids and light-weight modular design, installation is quick and easy.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 24” L x 16” W x 2.20” H
  • Coverage: 4 DrainGrids are pre-locked for fast installation
  • Each layer of 4 DrainGrids cover 10.50 square feet
  • Pallets are shipped with 100 layers of 4 DrainGrids pre-locked covering 1,050 square feet
  • HIT DrainGrids are Exceptionally Strong
  • Modern barn products for the discerning equestrian
  • HIT Draingrids Installation

Creating a Healthier Environment for Your Horse with All Weather Footing

Heavy rain and seasonal mud are no problem with HIT DrainGrid Pavers. They offer optimal separation solutions in extreme wet conditions in heavy horse traffic areas like horse paddocks, horse arenas and round pens, feeding areas, and paradise trails.

This patented system:

  • Creates all-weather riding arenas and mud-free horse paddocks
  • Prevents hoof disease caused by muddy soil
  • Makes cleaning work much easier
  • Minimizes contaminated runoff, preserving the soil and water resources
  • HIT draingrid paver saves grassroots
  • HIT DrainGrids being installed in a grassy area
  • HIT DrainGrid Pavers are a grass and ground stabilizer

Erosion Protection for Your Facilities

Designed for gravel or grass paving, HIT DrainGrids provide ground stability and swift, effective drainage, preventing erosion. They are made of strong, yet elastic polyethylene, which does not rot. And, with permanent installation, this drain system and all weather base is virtually maintenance free.