FSGeoTEX 5 Star Blend

FSGeoTEX 5* Blend

FSGeoTEX 5* Blend is a custom blend of (3) three premium geotextiles with a higher fiber content and thick cushioning geotextiles for a world-class riding surface. Versatile for various sands and disciplines.

Arena Footing

Per Bale $620.00

650-lbs bale

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FSGeoTEX Premium

GoldTex Premium

GoldTex is the original clean German geotextile blend and imported! A high-performance product for jumping and dressage arenas. Made with 70/30 polyester needle felt mixed with fibers, it minimizes concussive force and reduces stress on limbs.

Arena Footing

Per Bale $840

700-lbs bale

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FSGeoTEX Natural


GoldTex EXTREME has a very high fiber content for arena footings where extra stability in the arena footing is desired. It stabilizes a variety of sands including washed plaster and masonry sands. This product comes in smaller bales at 300 lbs. $360 per bale plus shipping
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FSGeoTEX Natural


FiberCloud is a blend of a very high fiber content of 80% and 20% textiles with a stretchy backing, adding cushion and spring to the arena footing, while enhancing traction and increasing moisture retention.

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FSGeoTEX Geotextile sand additives refresh your existing sand or prolong the lifespan of your new sand. It gives your sand good cushioning while stabilizing the sand particles and helps retaining moisture in the arena footing.

The soft geotextile snippets of FSGeoTEX remain active as a cushioning agent for many years, unlike the stiff, thin green textiles or carpet fibers often used in other geotextile footings, which don’t add any cushioning and cannot hold and retain any moisture.

The FSGeoTEX 5* and GoldTex Premium blends are $0.33$0.48 per square foot, depending on whether you are mixing with three or four inches of qualified sand for your riding surface.

The selection of the right arena sand is imperative for best performance of the arena footing. For optimum choice, please send us a sand sample of your current sand. When building a new riding arena, we can assist you with the best sand selection, having a network of sand quarries throughout the US we are working with.   Please contact us for our recommended sand specification.

FSGeoTEX is the ideal choice as the sand additive for Dressage and Jumping arenas and high traffic arenas.

Your arena footing is only as good as it’s maintenance. You would need an arena groomer designed for geotextile arena footing with coil tines, adjustable height, leveling blade and lattice roller in the back. Our Platz Max arena drags which are the #1 in the World for over 25 years will properly maintain the sand/geotextile blend footing for many years to come.


FSGeoTEX synthetic sand additives are not only comparable in upfront costs to other geotextiles on the market, but our blends are more cost-effective in the long-run, as less material is needed to improve your footing and it lasts significantly longer. Use our one of our arena footing calculators on the 5* Blend and Premium Blend product pages to determine how much sand additive you’ll need, or contact us to have one of our experts give you a quote.

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FSGeoTEX geotextile synthetic sand additive footing consists of polyester needle felt and fibers. Once the specific blend desired is determined, it is precisely blended during the manufacturing process. Because of the quality, only a minimal amount is needed to improve the arena surface in new and existing jumping and dressage arenas.

FSGeoTEX is the sand additive of choice for top professional equestrians because it:

  • Adds spring to the footing, reducing concussion
  • Gives stability and consistency to the surface
  • Retains moisture and reduces dust
  • Contains NO post consumer/ recycled ingredients, so you and your horse can breath in fresh air
    and not fibers from recycled carpet shreds
  • Lasts longer than alternatives like stiff, thin green textiles or carpet fibers


  • FSGeoTEX geoxtextile fibers
  • Hoofprints in our geotextile footing

Cushioning Every Step

The Perfect Balance of Elasticity and Stability. Our footing specialists carefully select the components of our geotextile fiber synthetic sand additives to balance out Cushioning and Stability to prevent over-compaction of the arena footing.

  • A horse is ridden over a jump in an arena with FSGeoTEX footing
  • A jumping horse gallops through a FSGeoTEX arena

Stability You and Your Horse Can Rely On

Our synthetic sand additives add shear strength and spring to provide a solid landing with each footfall, reducing the risk of jarring and repetitive injuries.

  • A dressage horse is ridden in an arena mixed with FSGeoTEX
  • A dressage horse riding in an FSGeoTEX arena

Impact Absorption

The thickness and softness of FSGeoTEX fibers allow for a reduced hoof-to-ground interaction to minimize concussive force. Stress on the lower limbs and hocks is reduced to benefit horse performance and soundness.

Completed equestrian arena

Environmental Health Benefits

You can use our geotextile sand additives to enhance the qualities of your existing or new equestrian arena. Environmental health benefits include:

  • Stabilizes sand and Retains Water
  • Reduces Dust and improves air quality
  • NOT a post consumer /recycled product
  • FSGeoTEX bales ready to be installed

Easy DIY Installation Process

With warehouses in Atlanta GA and Los Angeles, we conveniently ship to your barn directly. The product comes in securely wrapped bales and then shipped on standard pallets. We only use trucking companies which can also service residential areas with a lift gate service for easy unloading. Spreading and tilling of the geotextiles can easily be done by DIY installation.

dressage arena with geotextile footing

Dressage Blend

20 x 60 Meter Arena
66′ x 197′ x .35 lbs
4,550 lbs @ $ .95 = $ 4,322

Footing Solutions USA Jump

Jumping Blend

100 x 200 Meter Arena
100′ x 200′ x 0.50 lbs
10.000 lbs @ $ .95 = $ 9,500

horse arena sand

Sand Selection

We offer free sand evaluation and recommendations. We have a network of sand quarries and suppliers that we work with throughout North America and will assist you with the correct sand selection. The perfect arena sand is the most important component in any arena footing. You have to have the right feeling for good sand and combine it with the technical and engineering aspects. Let us choose the sand for you!

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Too soft and deep horse arena footing
Hard and Compact arena footing
Optimal horse arena footing

“The arena footing feels Super, already.  We are giving just a little more water today and then compacting.  Then… riding!
Thank you so much!
You sent us a great product!Thanks again! ”

Sarah/East Holland Stables, IL

“One of the best arena footings I have experienced in my career, very nice jumps which allows to design modern and technical tracks, great atmosphere, fantastic food. ”

Course Designer Olaf Petersen, Jr., Germany

Nilforushan Equisport Events, Temecula Valley National Horse Show @ Galway Downs “BEST JUMPER FOOTING In California! ”

Francie Steinwedell

“WOW, where to start… World-class arena footing, great sport, delicious food, fun entertainment, nice people….”

Mandy Porter

“The arena footing was fantastic with beautiful fences and great service. Can’t wait to come back to the next horse shows”

Bjorn Ikast

“So thankful to have a super new show in southern CA. Jumping Footing is amazing!”

Michell Rodall

“Congratulation again on your Arena footing in Temecula – Our horses love it. Thank you!”

Eddie Sepul

“We are very impressed; we love the main ring, the super arena surfaces and atmosphere. They are trying really hard to get everything just the way it should be. We are definitely coming back!”

Michelle Parker

“The arena footing was the best I’ve ever shown on!”

Susan Artes