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The Ebb and Flow Horse Arena Watering System

The solution from Germany: An arena footing system with integrated irrigation and drainage. This German engineered invention creates the premier all-weather riding arena.

While nature delivers high and low tide to the beach, you can regulate the ebb and flow of water to your arena, creating continuous, perfect moisture at every inch. The subterranean irrigation system has a high drainage capability – during rainfall, the excess rain water is simply removed thru the sub-system!

We offer professional planning from start to finish of  Ebb and Flow arena systems and the HIT Active Aqua underground watering system throughout the United States.

How it works:

This arena watering system can be built on any impermeable soil or other difficult terrain, even close to hill sides!

The Ebb and Flow system combines the base and footing in one and ensures optimum and even moisture condition from below. And, large amounts of water from heavy rainfalls is easily pumped off through the system. Unreliable overhead sprinklers and overwatering with water trucks are the past!

A specially welded liner establishes a watertight basin on which the moisture exchange system is installed. Special drainage pipes are laid out and then connected to sensors and a pump, which regulates the optimum water level underneath the riding surface automatically. Then, the arena watering system is covered with 13 inches of capillary silica sand and FSGeoTEX geotextile arena footing. The footing is given its constant, basic moisture and elasticity by the capillary effect of the sand.

Proven Success

German Olympic riders who train on the Ebb and Flow system at home include: Ludger Beerbaum, Otto Becker, Christian Ahlmann, Katharina Offel, Isabel Werth, Ellen Schulten-Baumer, and many more. Germany’s show places like ‘Horses and Dreams/ PSI auction’ and Bundeschampionat Warendorf have installed the system over the past few years as well.

Features of Ebb and Flow Horse Arena Watering System

The Ebb and Flow Horse Arena Watering System has proven to be the best all-weather arena surface in the world, providing:

  • Consistent stability of the footing, very much like riding on the beach during low tide
  • High elasticity of the top footing
  • Even moisture at every inch
  • High drainage capability – during rainfall the excess rain water will be removed/conserved through the system
  • Optimum shear strength
  • Combination of arena base and footing in one
  • Ability to be set up on difficult and impermeable grounds

International Riders who train
on the Ebb and Flow System