Take your barn to the next level. Whether it’s increased safety, technology, or style you’re looking for, we have the solution. Our quality modern barn products feature proven European design that are backed by decades of experience and expertise to provide world-class results.

Safety and Style

Curved Arena Kick Wall

Arena Kick Wall in Covered Arena

Our Curved Arena Kick Wall features a curved design and is made out of high-quality wood to optimize safety. And, with a fast and easy installation, you’ll be able to spend more time on the things that matter most.

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Diamond Arena Mirror System

Mirrors in Outdoor Arena

Our Diamond Arena Mirrors are specially designed for equestrian use and consist of tempered crystal glass with integrated layers for shock absorption. They can be used in any climate, and are approved for Florida’s wind load.

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Improved Health and Wellness for Your Sport Horse

Equine Solarium

Modern Barn Products - Equine Solarium

Harnessing the power of UV and Infared rays, our Warendorfer Horse Solarium is a valuable tool for your horse’s wellness. It improves healing time after injuries, helps with pre-exercise warm-up, and even speeds up drying time after exercise and bathing.

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SoftBed Comfort Horse Stall Mattresses

SoftBed Comfort Mat in Stall

Equivalent to 4-6 inches of shavings, SoftBed Comfort stall mattresses increase comfort and decrease maintenance in your horse’s stall. They provide a healthier living environment by reducing pressure on joints and preventing bacteria growth.

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Walkers and Treadmills

Horse Walker Interior

Safely bolster your training or therapeutic regimen, warm-up, and cool down with a Kraft Horse Walker, Aqua Walker, or Treadmill. Customizable settings ensure the optimization of your horse’s training program and wellness.

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Arena Maintenance

Arena Drags and Groomers

Arena Drag Silhouette

All of our arena drags are designed to aid with time-consuming grooming and maintenance and enhance the safety of your facilities through the proper leveling of your arena surfaces. We provide a variety of models to suit your needs.

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We’re Here for You

At Footing Solutions USA, we’re committed to serving our clients from coast to coast, providing top-notch customer service, world-class expertise, and the highest quality products. When you work with us to source modern barn products, your horse’s health and performance are in good hands.