Who Knew a Kick Wall Could Look So Beautiful…

Protection, safety, beauty and style for indoor and covered horses arenas

  • Riding Arena Kick Wall in Covered Arena

The ORIGINAL Curved Kick wall!  

European Design

Footing Solutions USA has been presenting the Curved arena kick wall in the USA for the past 15 years. It features a curved design and is made out of high-quality wood to optimize safety. Originally developed in Germany, the curved kick wall has been a longtime staple in Europe due to its success. Your riding space must be functional and safe first and foremost, but, you’ll want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Our solution offers a luxurious, modern upgrade to covered or indoor arenas in both aspects.

The kick wall can be fully customized to fit your needs and desires. You can have a natural wood-look, or stain it any color you’d like for a more finished look.
You can also choose the width of the ledge, whether the doors slide or swing, and utilize the functionality of the wall by store jumping poles within them to keep your arena polished.

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Beautiful for Indoor and Covered Arenas

horse arena kickboards
Arena Kick Wall Project

Designing safety kick walls is now simple

Our curve-shaped kick boards add to an elegant overall appearance

Keeps Horse and Rider the Perfect Distance from the Wall

Because of its oval shape, our kick wall keeps the horse at the perfect distance. With a regular arena kickboard, as the horse goes deep into a corner or turns down the diagonal, many times it will paddle out with the hoof and hit the wall—which cannot happen with a curved kick wall. This design also prevents contact with the wall and potential injuries for jumping and dressage riders, and all equestrians.

Give Your Existing Structure a Facelift

Perfectly suitable for newly built and refurbished riding arenas

If you’re not in the market to construct a new building, our curved kick walls can be added to a current structure to improve both safety and style. They are constructed in panels for ease of installation, which means they can fit an arena of almost any size and shape, new or existing. And, because of this paneled composition and quick installation, our kick walls are similar in pricing to other types of arena safety walls and horse arena kickboards.

With high-quality, weather-resistant construction designed to keep a horse at a perfect distance, aesthetic appeal, and simple installation, a curved arena kick wall is not only an important safety measure in your covered or indoor riding arena, it is also a safe investment.

Simple Installation

Arena kick wall panels are simply screwed onto a supporting structure

Curved Kick Wall Installation Fast Facts

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Panels are screwed onto a supporting structure
  • Treat with weather-resistant coating for additional texture or with a stain of your choice

Description and Features

  • Wood panels made of 7 layers of poplar wood (used for boat building and extremely durable)
  • Finished with 2 outer layers of Okoume wood
  • Each panel is 4 x 3.6 feet, x 1″
  • Panels come with 4 pre-cut corner joints
  • Pairs beautifully with the Diamond Arena Mirror System
  • Enhances arena safety
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