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Model ‘RAIN’


The Only 2-in-1 Arena Drag with Irrigation
Efficiently grooms and waters your arena footing in a single time-saving pass. Assures even moisture in the arena footing while conserving water. Eliminates the use of uneven sprinkler systems and evaporation.


The one step maintenance for your Arena: Watering and dragging in one easy pass.

Platz-Max Rain for efficient watering and dragging of geo-textile arena footings and all sand arenas.

  • The Platz-Max Rain eliminates unreliable sprinkler systems and assures even moisture in the arena footing
  • The water is being sprayed precisely into the arena footing and not just onto the surface
  • Equal irrigation, yet low water consumption
  • Water loss due to evaporation, surface run off or wind interference is eliminated
  • 160, 210, 260 gallon tanks depending on lifting power of tractor

The Platz-Max Rain has all the features of the Platz-Max NL-GW and NLK with fully adjustable coil tines and blade, and the roller. Arena Footing maintenance has become an ease with the Platz-Max arena levelers.