Specifically designed for geotextile footings, the Platz Max tractor arena groomer tends your arena footing in one pass without pulling out any additives. Loosening, blending, leveling and light compacting in one easy step.

PlatzMax arena drag at the Las Vegas World Cup
  • The coil tines are arranged in two staggered rows. They break up any hoof imprints and any compaction by the activity of horses’ hooves. The tines thoroughly intermix the surface materials like sand with geo-textiles, rubber shreds and wood chips. As soon as the tractor accelerates, the tines start to vibrate and act like a blender.
  • The swinging level blade behind the tines levels any unevenness and fills in hoof imprints. The special construction of the blade prevents any bulking up of the arena footing.
  • The lattice roller with counter-rotating discs performs the final blending of the additives and light desired compaction of the arena footing.

Ripper attachment
Ripping shanks can be mounted additionally to all models, breaking up the hardest of soils and compacted horse arena footings.

horse arena drag illustration

Track cleaner
The angled track cleaner levels any arena footing build-up along the track and eliminates physically demanding job of hand raking.

Groomed to Perfection: Tractor Model

Leveling, blending and light compacting in one easy step. The special swivel trailering attachment of the tractor arena groomer makes tight turns maneuverable and keeps the arena footing even in corners and around jumps.

Arena drags play an imperative role in preserving quality footing and the well-being of your horses that you have already invested so much in. Platz Max apparatus like the tractor arena groomer model are designed to aid with time-consuming grooming and maintenance and enhance the safety of your facilities.