Subsurface Irrigation to Keep Your Arena at Peak Performance

Maximizing Time in the Saddle

Even and correct moisture level is the key to a Premium Arena Surface - think of what it's like riding on the Beach at Low Tide!
Our Subsurface Irrigation Systems not only provide dust control with consistent and timed irrigation, but also give you an all-weather riding surface to maximize your time in the saddle. Computer controlled irrigation delivers an evenly moistened footing to ensure a perfect daily training surface while conserving up to 70% of water usage.
Drain grids in an arena ready for the footing to be installed

HIT ActiveAqua Subsurface Irrigation System

The HIT UnderGround Watering System provides even irrigation from the ground up, ensuring uniform stability of the arena footing so your horse is protected from take-off to landing and from stride to stride.
The layers of the HIT Active Aqua System
A close up of the fibers of FSGeoTEX premium

FSGeoTEX Premium

70% geotextiles/30% fibers700 lbs per bale  $1.20 per sqftGerman Import High-performance Blend for Jumping & Dressage arenas
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The water lines and drain grids of the HIT Active Aqua System
The watering lines of the ebb and flow systen

Ebb & Flow Subsurface Irrigation System

While nature delivers high and low tides at the beach, you can regulate the ebb and flow of water to your arena. Featuring a European design, the Ebb and Flow system creates continuous, perfect moisture at every inch from below.
The layers of the ebb and flow underground watering system


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An outdoor riding arena with the ebb and flow system installed