The FSGeoTEX 5* Blend is a custom blend formula of (3) three premium geotextiles with High fiber content and thick cushioning geotextiles for a world-class riding surface.
Our 5* Star Blend is very popular for large Showgrounds venues such as Galway Downs in Temecula, CA, as well as boarding facilities and private riding arenas. Blending FSGeoTEX 5* Blend geotextile footing with your current arena footing or when starting off with new arena sand will add a considerable amount of cushioning and stability to your horse arena footing.
Our FSGeoTEX line of arena sand additives:
. Minimize concussion
. Reduce the bodily wear and tear on show horses
. Provide support
The FSGeoTEX 5* Blend mixes well with fine to medium coarse sands.
Not sure which geotextile sand additive is right for you?  Drop us a line, or give us a call. We will be happy to consult with you and mail you a small sample, so you can see and feel the Difference.
With warehouses in Atlanta GA and Los Angeles, we conveniently ship to your barn directly. The product comes in securely wrapped bales and then shipped on standard pallets. We only use trucking companies which can also service residential areas with a lift gate service for easy unloading. Spreading and tilling of the geotextiles can easily be done by DIY installation.