HIT Draingrid Pavers create all-weather arenas and mud-free horse paddocks. But, we understand there is a lot to consider when choosing every aspect of your grounds. Here, we provide you with all of the need-to-know information about this world-class arena and paddock base system.

The most important question first: Why use HIT Draingrid Pavers?

Nowadays natural horse-keeping methods are growing in popularity. More and more barn owners are choosing to allow their horses to move freely in the open . This puts much greater demands on the surfaces of paddocks or outdoor areas. Above all, surfaces must be secure, non-slip and easy to clean; rainwater must drain away quickly. HIT Draingrids meet all these requirements when they are combined with the proper designed foundations and a suitable surfaces.


Where can you install HIT Draingrids?

Paddocks, turnout, outdoor and indoor riding arenas, lunging arenas, Round Pens, and all other walkways and surfaces.

How do they work?

The drainage capacity of HIT Draingrid Pavers is considerable, due to their patented transverse drainage. The water can drain vertically and also horizontally through the open side walls.

What are they made of?

Supple, durable, heavy duty recycled polyethylene, black in colour.

What size is each mat?

23.5″x15.74″ x 2.16″ inches (60 x 40 x 5.5 cm) with transverse drainage.

Can I drive wheeled vehicles over HIT DrainGrids?

Once installed as recommended, HIT Draingrid Pavers can be driven upon with any tractor or other equipment provided the grids are filled. Turning in tight circles and braking sharply are not recommended.

Who will oversee the project management?

The customer and the contractor will receive the necessary instructions for the correct installation of the HIT Draingrids. Ideally the planning for the drainage of the proposed area should be carried out by the contractor.

What is the water permeability of HIT Draingrid Pavers?

The water permeable capacity of the ground is dependent on several factors. All the materials used for the top surface and foundations must be water permeable and free from mud and fine particles. If the surface is regularly cleaned and cleared of dung there will be fewer organic elements to restrict the permeability. If there isn’t sufficient runoff during heavy rain or long periods of rain, the extraneous water must be allowed to flow away at the side through the provision of a gradient of about 1%.

How long will they last?

The HIT Draingrids, when installed as recommended, are protected from all external influences such as sunlight and mechanical damage. They have a very long lifespan.

Do they come with a guarantee?

Yes, there is a 2-year guarantee.

What is necessary for delivery?

A truck with a tailgate is recommended if no forklift is available. Pallet size: 48″ x 32″x 90″ disposable pallets.

How much do they weigh and how many will I need for my space?

100 grid layers per Palette = 1075 s.f.; approx. 845 lbs per pallet. 4 grids of HIT Draingrid Pavers are connected as one layer [approx. 10.78 ft2 in size]


What is the general recommended construction for HIT Draingrids?

In practice the best solution is to prepare the ground using a weight-bearing layer of 15-25 cm coarse gravel, then a HIT Draingrid separating layer with a fine grit filling, and a surface of sand [particle size depends on proposed use]. To avoid the coarse gravel mixing with the leveled earth beneath, a permeable fleece separating layer is laid down. The surface should be built up so that both the surface water and the water in the weight-bearing and separating layers can run off to the side at all times.

Recommended Installation of HIT Draingrid Pavers:

installation of HIT DrainGrids

Steps to Installation

steps to installation HIT Draingrids

HIT draingrids installation


Where do I start?

The HIT Draingrid Pavers are laid out from the corner. The connecting clips show the direction to follow. It is recommended to use guidelines for large surfaces. The HIT Draingrids’ integrated expansion joints make the laying process easier.

laying hit draingrids

How long will installation take?

On average, 100 square meters approx. of HIT Draingrids can be laid per person per hour.

Can the Draingrids but cut?

Use any power saw to cut the HIT Draingrids to size. NB Ensure that any trimmed sections remain connected to the surface with the connecting clips.

Can they be used for curved or circular surfaces?

The stabilization of lunging areas or Round Pens is easily done. The HIT Draingrids are either trimmed to fit the curves or placed into position at the end of the laying area.

What is the required gradient?

The HIT Draingrids need to be laid with a 1-2% gradient [see also the recommended general instructions]. A larger gradient can cause the sand surface to be washed away by rainfall.

Where should they stop?

Lay the DrainGrid Pavers, making sure, to extend the DrainGrid by 1 ft below the fence line.

draingrids gradient

Can HIT Draingrids be laid in high outdoor temperatures?

Because of expansion by the material in high temperatures or direct sunshine, the top surface mustbe laid immediately after the HIT Draingrids have been filled.