Why Good Arena Footing is Essential for Performance and Soundness


Excellent performance starts from the ground up...literally. Arena footing can play a large role in both your horse's performance and soundness. In this article, we'll explore how and why. Superior arena footing should be: - shock absorbent - cushioned - shear strength What does shock absorbance and cushioning mean? Science data has shown, that at a normal [...]

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Horse Solarium Therapy 101


For the Well-being and Performance of Your Horses Ever wonder why so many boarding stables, breeding farms, and veterinarians in Europe are equipped with a horse solarium? More than 40 years ago veterinarians and breeders recognized the powerful healing and well-being effects of the light therapy that equine solariums provide. Nowadays, most performance horses spend [...]

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How Deep Should Arena Footing Be?


The depth of your arena footing materials can help maximize performance or, on the flip side, have the potential to cause injury. The ideal depth is often dependent upon your discipline. Let's take a deeper (pun intended) look: For upper level jumping arenas we recommend 4- 5 inches of a fine particle arena sand mixed [...]

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