Sustainability and environmental protection in regards to equestrian footing products has been on the radar for decades, with Germany consistently taking a leading role in the discussion. But it’s a delicate balance in finding a way to both consider sustainability and resource conservation, as well as the longevity of the riding surface.
Take, for example, organic sand additives for horse arena footings. While environmentally friendly, they tend to break down quickly, turning into humus. This humus diminishes the quality of the sand and can actually render the riding surface unusable in just a few years.
So what is the solution? We offer a variety of sand additives that find a balance between the two.
  • Long-Lasting Geotextile Sand Additives
 in horse arenas
    Our line of FSGeoTEX polyester blends are made of a clean needle felt – a by-product and not a post-consumer product like carpet shreds. While the geotextiles are made of polyester, which doesn’t decompose over time, a geotextile and sand surface infrequently – if ever – needs disposal. Instead, over the years, we typically add more sand and geotextiles sand additives to revitalize the arena footing.
    Hoof prints in sand with geotextile sand additives A close up of the fibers of FSGeoTEX premium
  • Organic Textile Sand Additives
 in arena footings
    If your priority is in using natural products, we offer jute, an organic textile that’s 100% biodegradable as an additive. However, as it – like any organic material – is prone to rotting and quickly getting trampled into the sand, it is important to note that longevity and stability are sacrificed. To help lessen the impact of these challenges, we recommend using a high-quality silica sand, which doesn’t break down into fines like other sands and their structure remains unchanged over time.
    FSGeoTex natural fibers FS BIO Jute additives mixed with sand footing