Things To Consider When Selecting An Arena Groomer


The Platz Max, Model Olympia, like the name says, has been the arena groomer of choiceat the Olympic games for the past two decades. The most important part of any horse arena is the riding surface your are training on! Your arena footing is only as good as your daily footing maintenance protocol. Providing [...]

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Watering 101 for Riding Arenas


Watering Systems and Usage for Horse Arenas Keep Optimal Moisture in Arena Footing Water is the key ingredient for maintaining your horse arena footing. It is the essential stabilizer for arena sand, binding it and keeping the arena dust free. Water is a precious element and we have to use it wisely and conserve as much [...]

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Underground Watering Systems for Horse Arenas 101


The perfect and even moisture level is the key to a perfect arena surface - think of what it's like riding on the beach at low tide! Even moisture in horse arena footing is essential for keeping the arena surface uniform, but not all watering systems are created equal. When it comes to watering your [...]

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