Soundness and Performance Part 3 Lameness Prevention


Lameness issues of the equine occur for several reasons: Over, or incorrect training, weak conformation, or training a horse too young of age. Many lameness issues can be prevented when you train your horse on forgiving arena footing. A correct riding surface is a main contributing factor to keep your equine partner sound. Troubled Arena [...]

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How to Navigate Issues With and Improve Your Arena Footing


The most common list of complaints when it comes to riding arenas are footing that is too hard; too deep; too uneven; too slippery; too dusty; and does not drain well. It is time to correct your wrongs and improve your arena footing. What lies Beneath - The Arena Base Arena problems usually start at the [...]

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Geotextile Sand Additives Explained


WHAT GEOTEXTILES DO AND WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR Geotextile sand additives designed to be mixed with sand arena footing are flooding the US market right now. But what are geotextiles and what benefit do they provide your footing? Geotextiles and fibers bind with the appropriate sand, adding stability and cushion and retain moisture—factors that [...]

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