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How to Keep Your Geotextile Horse Arena Footing Perfectly Maintained

How to Properly Maintain Arena Footing Daily Arena Dragging and Leveling During the first week after installation of geotextile arena footing, we recommend maintaining your arena footing blend by watering and rolling the arena surface daily. Afterward, for daily maintenance, simply water and harrow the horse arena footing with an appropriate arena drag. The arena [...]

Footing Solutions USA was a Sponsor at the 2015 FEI World Cup Jumping and Dressage Finals in Las Vegas.

The Horse Arena Footing at the Thomas & Mack Center's competition arena and Warm Up rings were prepared with the Platz-Max Arena Drags. If you had been fortunate enough to make it to this event, you were able to watch our arena drags zooming around the horse arena taking sharp turns around the jumps.  The [...]