Geotextile Sand Additives Explained


WHAT GEOTEXTILES DO AND WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR Geotextile sand additives designed to be mixed with sand arena footing are flooding the US market right now. But what are geotextiles and what benefit do they provide your footing? Geotextiles and fibers bind with the appropriate sand, adding stability and cushion and retain moisture—factors that [...]

Geotextile Sand Additives Explained2021-08-20T21:35:28+00:00

Safety Walls Slanted vs Curved


What's the difference between a slanted horse safety wall and a curved arena kick wall? See for yourself in this video: A slanted horse safety wall is angled so as to push the horse away from the wall and protect the rider's legs. However, because it is wider at the bottom, it is still [...]

Safety Walls Slanted vs Curved2021-08-21T18:39:59+00:00

Preventing Arena Base Hazards and Issues


No matter what kind of footing you choose for your arena, it will not perform optimally without the appropriate base. For your footing to be successful, the riding arena base needs to be leveled and able to DRAIN properly. Easier said than done! Arena Base Construction and Common Problem Areas There’s a lot of information [...]

Preventing Arena Base Hazards and Issues2021-03-25T20:10:19+00:00