The above photo shows even, stable and cushioned horse arena footing. This horse is traveling straight and landing safe on level and cushioned horse arena footing consisting of high quality quartz sand and FSGeoTEX geotextile fiber sand additives. This proper arena surface gives the horse confidence and ease to perform.

How to Assess Your Riding Arena Footing

Recognizing hard, deep, and loose riding arena footing and learning their impact on soundness is important in keeping your horse at peak performance. The perfect horse arena footing provides a cushion. It helps the horse perform by absorbing concussion and therefore reducing the risk of injury. However, the arena footing should also be stable and give good shear strength so the hoof can push off from the surface.

There is a good rule of thumb in evaluating your riding arena. With optimal footing, the toe is able to penetrate into the footing by 1 to 1.5 inches. If you cannot see the indentation of the toe penetration, then the horse arena footing is too hard. This will lead to injuries. On the contrary, a riding surface that is too soft and loose makes the horse work harder. This means more fatigue to the ligaments and muscles. Soft and loose horse arena footing causes an uneven surface for the horses’ legs to land on.

Consistency of the footing is another key element of an arena that rides safe. Even watering is the top priority. Only surfaces with even moisture content can be dragged and groomed properly. If the watering is uneven, then your arena drag will harrow in differently, and the surface will ride differently.

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